Roadmapping in organisations

Roadmaps serve for visualizing complex relationships of different planning levels within one integrated picture by means of the time axis. In general, roadmaps are used in the fields of strategic planning, technology, and R&D planning. Particularly products, technologies, and projects are thereby planned via roadmaps. A significant potential lies in product planning which is outlined in terms of roadmaps by only a quarter of participating companies. This applies to the planning of competencies and services, too. Improved using a broader range of information sources for continuously updating roadmaps also represents a major potential, most of all for including information of users, suppliers, and external roadmaps.

Practical study on roadmapping

The use of roadmaps in business practice is a question which is still unanswered. One of the most comprehensive studies on this topic was conducted in 2001 in Great Britain (Farrukh, Phaal & Probert, 2001). The practical study on Roadmapping therefore aimed at collecting current data for practical application of roadmaps.

What is the content of roadmaps in companies? Where are they being used and how are they integrated? Which source of information do companies access and by which methods are the roadmaps complemented? What challenges do the companies face and what is their recommendation for the practical use of roadmaps? In order to gain new awareness on these questions, the Fraunhofer IAO in cooperation with TIM Consulting have conducted an online survey from July to September 2015. 81 out of 156 responses were considered for evaluation – exclusively focusing on companies that were applying roadmaps at the time of the study.

Ergebnisse der Praxisstudie Roadmapping

Event: Roadmapping in practice. Timetable towards success

At the event ”Roadmapping in practice: timetable towards success” at the Center for Virtual Engineering ZVE on April 21, 2016, companies reported on the practical usage of roadmaps and the creation of roadmaps in company networks. In addition, latest research insights were presented e. g. insights from the Practical Study on Roadmapping conducted by the Fraunhofer IAO in collaboration with TIM Consulting. Toppics:

  • Challenges of Integrated Company Planning - Prof. Joachim Warschat
  • Evolution of Roadmapping for Application in Innovation, Strategy and Policy -Dr. Rob Phaal
  • Technology forecasting for Technology Roadmaps - Dr. Ulrich Kaiser
  • Energy Storages 2030: Modular Roadmapping for Company and Research Planning - Dr. Axel Thielmann
  • Technology Roadmapping at Trumpf - Dr. Gerhard Hammann
  • Practical Study on Roadmapping - Dr. Sven Schimpf / Prof. Thomas Abele
  • Mapping Roads and Roadmapping - Dr. Alexander Kröller

Recommendations for roadmapping in companies

  • Consistency of roadmap beyond planning and company level and along the value-added chain
  • Mixed central-decentralized organizational form with central coordination and decentralized thematic responsibility
  • consistent procedure for the company-specific involvement of employees from different areas