Integrated Service Engineering (ISE) Framework

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Development of business services for ecosystems in the internet of services

Integrated Service Engineering FrameworkIT providers are moving from products and software licences towards the electronic provision of services via the Web. In this context, parts of the “Internet of Services” have been developed towards services that are offered and in some approaches even traded over the Internet. Electronic business services from various service providers are offered and executed via electronic service platforms. These service platforms are ecosystems in the Internet of Services, where providers and customers can offer, conduct, and combine electronic business services to support their business activities.

To offer such services on service platforms, providers need to identify promising service ideas, develop a strategic service concept (business model), derive appropriate business processes, develop a technical service concept, and conduct the service implementation.

This book introduces the basic principles of the Integrated Service Engineering (ISE) framework as a result of the THESEUS/ TEXO project which supports the development of services for those platforms.

The book is aimed at scientists who work in the field of service engineering and try to bridge the gap between the strategic, business-oriented and the technical world of service development.

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